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Are LinkedIn photos important?



Are LinkedIn photos really that important?

Despite efforts to stop judging a book by its cover, in reality it is how most humans operate. Your profile picture online therefore is extremely important. On LinkedIn, the photo you upload is central to your profile. The image appears when you message another user, when you comment on a post or when you apply to a job. Think of it as your personal logo.

First and foremost, you want your profile to appear credible and trustworthy so that people take the time to even consider you. Sean Callahan, the Senior Content Marketing Manager at LinkedIn outlined that statistics show that members with a photo receive far more engagement: 21 times more profile views and 9 times more connection requests. Alas, they are important!

This year especially, as most interviews are being conducted via webcam, online impressions really are everything. Is your photo, or lack of, the reason your application is being rejected? Don’t risk it! Follows are a few simple tips in getting the best photo and hopefully landing your dream job! Think approachable, professional, and trustworthy. Body these description words in a single photo, easy!

You need a photo. There is no reason to not have a photo on LinkedIn. Without one, this gives the impression of an incomplete profile. The photo should feature only you, waist up or mid-chest up. You want to appear professional, comfortable, and relaxed. A full body shot is not important and may not be appropriate. A head shot keeps it simple and it is all an employer/future connection needs to see to paint the best picture of you.

Dress for success! Selecting appropriate clothing (even if you can only see from the shoulders up) is crucial. Look sharp by wearing a suit for a more professional role, and a smart jumper or shirt for anything else. Avoid loud patterns, textures, and logos.

You need to convey an air of confidence and this is best done by smiling. Looking directly at the camera and smiling is the best way to appear warm, friendly, and approachable. The stance tip from LinkedIn themselves is to stand with your body in a ¾ angle to the camera, placing one foot slightly ahead with hands clasped loosely in front of you. Most importantly make sure the photo is in focus. A positive photo is more likely to be met with friendly engagement.

Ensure the photo is fairly recent. There is no point in uploading a photo that is 10 years old as sooner or later people will realise that is not what you currently look like. Build trust and do not upload a misleading image.

When taking the photo, good lighting is important. Ensure bright lighting for a clear image. Having a solid-coloured background is key to avoiding distractions and ensure you are the spotlight. It rally is that simple.

This photo is so important for the future of your career. You never get the chance to redo a first impression so make it count.