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Do pictures tell the truth about you?



What’s the first thing we worry about when creating a new profile on social networks?

Think about it…

Yes, you got it! The goddamn profile picture.

Choosing a profile picture is not as easy as you might think since there are a lot of things to consider.

Should I wear those cool Fendi glasses I bought last week? What about a cute picture with my cat? It might attract more likes. Should I smile or make a funny face? Selfie, yay or nay? Sexy pose? Snapchat filters?


Dear reader, take a deep breath and relax.


I wouldn't say it’s the ultimate truth but a person can tell a lot about you from a single picture. That's why you shouldn’t take this decision too lightly. It’s up to you to choose the message you want to send and which part of your personality you want to show to your network.

Psychologists and dating apps have worked hard to establish what the key elements are in posting the perfect picture.

If you’re a woman you should look at the camera to create a direct connection with the audience; if you’re a man you should do the opposite to create an aura of mystery. Open eyes will make you interesting whereas a squinty expression will make you sexy. A gigantic smile will make you more approachable, but less attractive, and a neutral expression might give the impression that you’re grumpy.

So many rules to follow, aren’t there? Well, let me give you my personal advice.

It’s true that there is a psychological science behind taking pictures to look more attractive, dominant and approachable. But will the result show the truth about you or just what people want to see?

Forget about the rules, forget about those “I-need-to-look-like-a-god” pictures and show how unique you are. 

It’s fine if you’re not grinning from ear to ear. Maybe you’re shy? It’s fine if you want to post a picture with your pets. It means you’re caring, loving and compassionate. It’s fine if you post group pictures. It means you like being in good company, you’re a party person or simply you don’t want to be under the spotlight. You like taking selfies? There’s nothing wrong with that. You are self-confident and you like getting attention.


It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Be true to yourself. Be you.