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Who we are and what we do


I have dedicated much of my time to deeper exploring the online dating world and understanding it. With a degree in Economics, I am data driven and research and analysis is vital in any presentation of my advice. On this platform, we will not only tell you how you can date more effectively online, but have evidence to validate such points. Research is a key part of the dating process, so we do the hard work and you can learn from us. Being an expert in giving and receiving feedback, means this position compliments me well. As a natural problem solver, no case is too big or too small. No shortcuts are taken at DATEnhance. Using cutting edge technology and artificial intelligence, our data can lead to better dates.



I am an optimistic, romantic soul who strongly believes in love and happy endings. After studying Interpreting and Translation, I started working in 5* hotels as a customer service agent, giving me the chance to strenghten my problem solving skills; I became a more empathetic person and I learned how to find creative solutions to satisfy customers' requests and needs. I am fascinated by the law of attraction, human connections and how these develop during time - taking different paths and turning into a love interest. I experienced this first-hand as I found my current partner on a dating app. My theoretical and practical knowledge of the dating world makes me a reliable, trustworthy expert who can give you constructive feedback on your photos and bio, helping you create a dating profile that will make you stand out from the crowd.



Marten started his journey in software engineering at an early age, getting clients at the age of 11 building websites in Dreamweaver (it was 2003, so must thus be forgiven) for local businesses in his small-town Sweden. Studying entrepreneurship in Sweden. Then went on to found NyWeb AB, a consultancy specialising in delivering bespoke platforms leveraging a multi-tenancy system whereby all businesses, like boats, are lifted by the same tide, sharing features. Specialising in e-commerce, running Swedens 8th biggest e-commerce site Harmoniq. After moving to London for Management & Leadership studies, the luxury of being a good software engineer is that you can really choose your projects. So started working in social enterprise and charity sector, but also government department. Building bespoke platforms and services for the likes of BNP Paribas, UN, Cabinet Office, but also for many small charities such as Elatt, TreeSisters, Social Enterprises such as Impact Hub Global, SEUK etc. Leading big tech teams in delivering projects of values above £1m for HM Government.